Every Cent Matters (ECM) tax services was founded by Emmanuel Tiluscar. Being a goal driven entrepreneur, He believes in providing a simple yet efficient tax service that allows you to get a head start on your taxes.

The purpose behind ECM tax services is to provide a virtual-friendly customer experience. Our Tax professionals are able to accommodate a diverse clientele and are fluent in English, Haitian Creole and French. We provide the perfect tax solution for freelancers, independent contractors, stock market investors and business owners. Our goal is to make filing your taxes as simple as possible by making Every Cent Matter.

Income tax expert Emmanuel Tiluscar
Accounting Advisory services

About Gwen: I have worn many hats over the years; however, I’ve always enjoyed helping others achieve their dreams and goals. I have triumphed in transitioning companies from pen and paper to electronic systems, streamlining the billing process to improve the accounting processes and helping companies achieve financial success.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Colorado Technical University On-Line

Specialties: Accounting & Advisory services for the Small to Medium sized Industry.


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